Code Elektro

Back to the retro future with analogue meets digital sci-fi fun

Photo: Mads Dam

Who He?

In action since 2012, Code Elektro is one Martin Ahm, a composer and sound designer who has worked in the music and sound design biz for almost 10 years. Dabbling in synthwave, Code Elektro is described as “a gift from one sci-fi fan to other sci-fi fans”.

Why Code Elektro?

Taking inspiration from the likes of John Carpenter, Vangelis and Daft Punk, Code Elektro’s main focus is to create mental images in the listener’s mind, “from drama to excitement to beautiful atmospheres”. Definitely one for fans of ‘Drive’ and, more recently, ‘Stranger Things’, Code Elektro deploy creeping synth hooks and rhythmic beats that drip in atmosphere. This is the sort of stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in ‘Blade Runner’, which I have no complaints with.

Tell Us More?

His debut ‘Superstrings’ album was released last year and got him nominated for a GAFFA Award (Scandinavian music mag) for Best Danish Electronic Album 2015. More recently there’s ‘Wolf’, a concept album that mixes themes, mainly “technology, the future and the role of man in relation to nature”. Why not? It’s all pretty retro-futuristic, taking you on an adventure straight from an 80s sci-fi movie. There’s even a song guide on his website that goes through the concept and the background to the album. “Whether the “Wolf” is a person, the whole of humanity, or simply just a wolf, I do not know,” says the creator, not very helpfully.

‘Wolf’ is out via Iceberg

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