Craven Faults

Elusive Yorkshire Ambient Krautrock

Who They?

Well, we’re not really sure. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Craven Faults, but we know it involves mills, peaks, dales and Yorkshire. “The devil’s in the detail” their people say. There’s also some vintage synths involved, as well as a “master craftsman at work in a nest of patch cables within an old textile mill”.

Why Craven Faults?

Their sound is far less cryptic than their identity. There’s currently one 12-inch, ‘Netherfield Works’ with another, ‘Springhead Works’, due out later this month. ‘Netherfield Works’ draws on the likes of Eno, Terry Riley and krautrock, shimmering pulses of sound that ebb and flow and build to spectacular heights. ‘Eller Ghyll’ starts off more minimalist before blooming into spirals of melodic electronic textures, while ‘Tenter Ground’ is motorik in its rhythms, with processed alien whirs and serrated buzzing electronics. Yorkshire via Düsseldorf, if you will.

Tell Us More…

Whoever they are, Craven Faults have been helped and supported by a number of artists that any Electronic Sound reader should immediately recognise. Luke Abbott, Demdike Stare and Graham Massey? What about James Holden and Gold Panda? These links may be the key to uncovering the true identity of Craven Faults. Considering the connection with Yorkshire, it also seems likely that they take their name from the group of crustal faults in the Pennines. Regardless of who’s behind it all, if they carry on making music like this we’re happy to never find out who they really are.

‘Netherfield Works’ is out on Lowfold Works

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