Meth Math

Zany Mexican electropop

Who they?

Mixing the Gothic with high energy BPM, resulting in their own take on their home turf’s reggaeton scene, Mexican trio Meth Math emanate a sound that I’m going to call ECM – Electronic Chaos Music. Made up of vocalist Ángel Ballesteros and producers error.error (Efrén Coronado) and Bonsai Babies (To Robles), the weirdness of this group doesn’t just lie in their names.

Why Meth Math?

Chaotic is what they are, but not in some chanting, demonic, pentagrams-carved-in-blood way. In the words of Ballesteros: “We’re trying to achieve that abstraction of the weird sadness and happiness that we all live with.” The chaos of everyday life, then. So on their debut EP, the slightly unnerving opener ‘Perreando Y Llorando’ (loosely translating as ‘Grinding And Crying’) squeaks and bloops around Ballesteros’ echoing, almost distant vocal. ‘El Vals De La Piedra’ by comparison is more playful, high pitched voice and bouncing electronics like some mad opening to a Saturday morning cartoon. Never a dull moment.

Tell us more…

The aforementioned debut EP will be released via In Real Life, the label set up by former Head of A&R at XL Imran Ahmed. With artists like New York’s Nathan Bajar and Danish electronic artist ML Buch on the imprint, it seems that Meth Math are in good company. Their infectious take on Mexico City’s DIY scene also pulls from more international influences like The Knife and Mica Levi and nods to America house and chillwave. However you want to define their music (I’m still going with ECM), it appears that Meth Math are only just getting started.

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