Esther Joy

London-based sci-fi tale spinner

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Who She?

Esther Joy is an emerging producer who has been sharpening her chops touring with Charli XCX’s band, though her own approach doesn’t share much DNA Cambridge’s finest. You see, Esther Joy is an altogether more underground proposition.

Why Esther Joy?

Her one-woman-band sees Esther deliver an aggressive electronic groove made up of a sound set that borrows from dubstep, all hoover bass and screaming distorted top lines, whipped up into a curiously pop friendly whole. And then there’s sci-fi…

Tell Us More…

Musicians coming up with extra-terrestrial storylines to frame their work isn’t new, Bowie did it more than once, and Numan’s ‘Savage’ album is based on his own unpublished novel, but Esther Joy’s approach releases the stories along with the songs. ‘Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)’, the first “single” (it has a YouTube video) from her new release ‘The Acid Caves Vol 1’ is a ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ scenario, except our heroine, a non-human “lifeblood” is leaving her planet in search of The Chaos – human emotional, spiritual and supernatural energy the universe needs to survive. Trouble is that The Chaos is fading, thanks to mankind’s enthusiastic uptake of social media and virtual interaction at the expense of real life. How to bridge the gap for Silipur? Read on and listen…

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