Exotically brewed, haunting trance-pop

Who They?

Known until recently as Kool Thing, Evvol is a trio of Irish girl Julie Chance, Australian Jon Dark, and their French touring drummer Valentin Plessy. Reinventing themselves under a new name, the Berlin-based group have turned from indietronica to something entirely different

Why Evvol?

Since leaving Kool Thing behind, Chance, Dark and Plessy have kept their hands in through solo projects, DJing their way across Berlin, and founding a new house music label, imaginatively called My Haus. All this experimentation appears to have paid off because their name change has brought with it a brand new sound.

That sound is a haunting style of elegant, euphoric trance-pop set to send shivers down your spine and all the way back up again, just for good measure. There’s real depth and darkness to Evvol’s music, plus it’s totally sexy too: Julie Chance’s seductive voice drifts effortlessly over the tight synths. The guitars are hazy, but not shoegazy, the deep bass ebbs and flows like waves, while the tense percussion contrasts exquisitely with the mesmerising vocals. Trancey Germanic electronica you want to dance to. Slowly.

Tell Us More

There’s definitely something of the 80s about their ‘Eternalism’ debut album (see the flute solos on ‘Sola’), but that’s not to say Evvol don’t fit neatly alongside the modern trailblazers. They’ve got the complex minimalism of a group like The xx and the dramatic, soaring vocals of Bat For Lashes. There’s also the danceability of La Roux and the edginess of Grimes, all in one place. Evvol, you spoil us!

‘Eternalism’ is released on Mad Dog & Love Records

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