Gaby Hernandez

West coast gentletronica

Who She?

Of Chilean descent, born and bred in Los Angeles, Ms Hernandez is a singer songwriter who does a deceptively leftfield line in jazzfolkLatintronica. You know the genre, right? You will soon.

Why Gaby Hernandez?

One listen to this, her third album (which caught us on the hop a bit, lots to catch up on), will answer that question. ‘Spirit Reflection’ will draw you gently into her vortex. The record was snaffled up tout suite by the excellent folk at the Mr Bongo label, and yet you can feel the tug of Ninja Tune here with Gaby making vocal cameos on Teeb’s debut outing on their offshoot, Brainfeeder, as well as working extensively with Carlo Nino, of Ninja’s AmmonContact. Mr Bongo and Ninja? A double seal of approval.

Tell Us More…

While her warm voice often play star of the show, swishing in on the breeze through tracks like the gentle swing of opener, ‘Messy Love’, the calypso-y ‘My Boabab Tree’ and the slow Latin grooves of the title track, things get much more interesting the deeper into the record you delve. ‘Super Nova Lovers’ is a pile-up of off-kilter grooves and undulating synths, the frantic ‘Lo Mas Dulce’ oscillates away under an almost Bhangra stomper, while the standout is the chanting slow build and the rich thrum of ‘Into Oyai’. See, jazzfolkLatintronica. Don’t say we don’t ever mix things up round here.

‘Spirit Reflection’ is out on Mr Bongo

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