Ultra stylish, arty electropop

Who He?

The Brazilian-born, London-based Puzzle is a one-man experimental electropop enigma, inspired by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Lauryn Hill and Years & Years. His EP ‘Babylon’, which is garnering much praise, is due to be released any minute.

Why Puzzle?

“The EP’s a commentary on human interactions, both emotionally and physically, in the digital age,” says Mr Puzzle. “Through these two characters I tell a story of how digital over physical is changing the way we deal with each other.”

His single ‘Little Black Book’, taken from the aforementioned EP, is reminiscent of early Depeche Mode. It’s all arty electronics full of energy, with his soulful, 90s R&B vocals wrapping up the whole package nicely. It’s about someone not being able to detach feelings from a booty call, being aware that they’re just “another number” in a little black book. Don’t we have Tinder for all that now anyway?

Tell Us More

He’s got a hypnotic allure to him, his striking visual persona somewhat reminiscent of Grace Jones. The world of Puzzle is “augmented visually by a love for high-concept art, fantasy and the escapism of video games”. Just have a gander at the video for ‘Little Black Book’. It’s all rather intense, the glitchy, abstract visuals combined with the dark atmosphere and his jerky movements leave you slightly unnerved. Nevertheless, it’s the catchy tunes and intimate lyrics that’ll keep you coming back. A man of several meticulous pieces and, at the moment, they all seem to be in all the right places.

‘Babylon’ is out on Papercut Music

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