Innerspace Orchestra

Future psych served with added out-there goodness

Who They?

Well, they’re not an orchestra, that’s for sure. Formed out of an impromptu recording session, their ‘One Way Glass’ debut single suggests the trio of The Horrors’ Tom Furse, Fanfarlo’s Cathy Lucas, and Rose Elinor Dougall from The Pipettes (one of the last projects esteemed producer Martin Rushent worked on before his untimely death) clicked right away.

Why Innerspace Orchestra?

Goth synth rockers The Horrors might seem so dark they make Aleister Crowley’s boot soles look like box-fresh sneakers, but they know just how to bash out infectious, melodic hooks. Without the gloomy contingent around him, Furse’s synths are given free rein to take flight, with just enough prog attitude to get analogue fetishists rather too excited. Add chunky beats and dreamy vocals and you have a wall of sound that’ll inevitably cause goosebumps. Oh, and there are guitars that are described as “shoegazery”, but everyone’s got those these days.

Tell Us More

Remember the myth that ‘The Magic Roundabout’ was perhaps a bit druggy? Not only does this band have a member whose surname is reminiscent of that TV show’s shaggy dog hero, but their music is so incredibly out there it should be the onboard soundtrack to a future intergalactic mission. The Innerspace Orchestra would like to welcome you to the new space(d) age.

‘One Way Glass’ is out on Different Recordings 

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