Kédu Carlö

Afro acid duo set for big things


Singer Jess Penson and drummer Carly Gill hail from Auckland, New Zealand – although they prefer to call the country by its Māori name, Tāmaki Makaurau. They’ve spent two years headlining shows at home, and now they’re starting to demand the whole world’s attention.

Why Kédu Carlö?

Their new EP, ‘Alien Fempire’, was a highlight of last year and arrived loaded with a love for 1990s rave culture. Feminist house anthem ‘Coochie’ has proved a hit at live shows, its celebratory loops oozing with sass. As two self-confessed gear geeks, their Nord 3P drum pad and Roland TB-03 are rarely far from sight.

But with Penson’s vocals slapping as hard as the heavy beats, the duo are not afraid to pepper their steamy club fare with catchy pop motifs. The EP’s hardest track, ‘Acid Donald’, is a remix of their 2020 breakout ‘Donald’, its 303 twist making them sound like Hardfloor covering Self Esteem. They say making ‘Alien Fempire’ was about “coming into our own and finding empowerment through music” – and what empowerment. On their socials, plugs for DJ sets are mixed with wine bar selfies and fashion shoots, while the video for acid burner ‘Let’s Get To It’, shows the pair scamming a dirty old man in a strip club. Do not mess with Kédu Carlö.

Tell Us More…

Things stepped up a notch for the duo after their live club debut in Wellington, leading to a string of festival bookings. “It was overwhelming, but we learned quickly,” says Gill. They call their music “Afro acid”, and influences run from Brazilian carnivals to European club culture. “Holy crap, I feel so blessed and lucky to do what we do,” adds Gill. “I’m stoked for what’s coming next.” Pay attention, world. Dates have yet to be released, but a new album is incoming.

‘Alien Fempire’ is out via Bandcamp

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