Ofelia K

Delicate warblings with vibrant electronic twang included

Who She?

On the back of just two tracks, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Ofelia K has become something of an online darling – and quite rightly so. With a charming blend of folk, pop and electronica, Ofelia K is Lana Del Rey without the dramatics, Feist with a dose of LA chill.

Why Ofelia K?

Her rise is impressive considering she was only signed as a solo artist in June. Her label, Nashville’s South By Sea, claim they “release your mom’s new favourite records”, but with Ofelia on board, they’d better get ready for rampant appeal. The two tracks they’ve put out so far are from Ofelia’s debut EP, the first of which, ‘White T-Shirt’, cut a swath through the blogosphere, racking up 500,000 plays in the blink of an eye. The darker rumblings of her second outing, ‘As A Bell’, have proved to be popular with the Annie Mac Radio 1 demographic.

Tell Us More

Ofelia clearly picks her partnerships wisely (‘New Scene’, a collaboration with Felix Cartal, was described as one of the best dance records of 2013 by Billboard) and she has some formidable allies, not least her right-hand man, producer Doctor Rosen Rosen. The duo serve up shadowy electronica as Wanderhouse and it’s the Doc’s dark synthpop sensibility – previously working magic for the likes of Lady Gaga, MIA, La Roux and Drake to name but a few – that’s ensuring ‘As A Bell’ hits all the right notes.

The ‘Ofelia K’ EP is on South By Sea

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