Little Snake

Head-over-heels beat-fuelled space jazz

Who he?

Gino Serpentini, based in Calgary, Alberta, is Little Snake. Literally. The project’s moniker is a direct translation of his surname. He’s turning electronica on its head with his combination of esoteric electronic experimentation, sub-bass depth charges and mind-mashing, ultra-processed drum programming. 

Why Little Snake?

Gino traces his love of maverick beats back to a trip to see Santana on his sixth or seventh birthday. “There was a really long, like 20 minute, drum solo that probably impacted me more than I know now that I think about it,” he says. His productions have come to a wider audience through Flying Lotus, who regularly includes them in his DJ sets and has signed Serpentini to his Brainfeeder label. “Everything I send over gets pushed without batting an eye,” say Serpentini, full of admiration for the whole label crew. “That’s something I’m very grateful for, which can be rare amonglabels. They definitely have the assets of a large label, but the care of an intimate one, which is my perfect sweet spot.”

Tell us more….

We wish he would! At least, there are a couple of big projects close to completion over which he’s been sworn to secrecy. But there his current five track ‘Lost In Spirals’ EP, the latest in a series for Brainfeeder, in Serpentini’s own words, “an exercise in recreating my own thought patterns through music”.

‘Lost In Spirals’ is out on Brainfeeder

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