Floaty coastal-tronica

Who She?

Brighton-based Anneka is a shimmery songster/producer whose debut ‘Life Force’ EP has popped up on the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray label, which the sharper knives in the Electronic Sound sharp knife drawer will know lists its proprietor as one Gazelle Twin.

Why Anneka?

If you’re a friend of Ms G Twin you are very much a friend of ours. ‘Life Force’ EP doesn’t disappoint. The soothingly gentle electronic backing track, built from heavily effected electronics, guitars and field recordings, underpins the star of the show – Anneka’s velvety voice. Utilising improvised vocals layered on top of each other or sampled through effects pedals, her voice is more often than not used as an instrument in itself and has adorned records by pals Forest Swords, Ital Tek and Falty DL.

Tell Us More

Well, there’s certainly more to Anneka than just those sleek pipes. The EP comes with a digital booklet of photographs and artwork in collaboration with photographer Will Hartley, and Anneka has also directed and edited videos to accompany three of the four tracks. Oh, those field recordings? ‘A Strange And Distant Town’ takes its title from Haruki Murakami’s novel ‘The Wind Up Bird Chronicle’ and, in a lovely slice of synchronicity, includes field recordings made while she was visiting Japan.

The ‘Life Force’ EP is out on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray

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