Miles Otto

Crazily young machine musician

Who He?

Norwich’s 18-year-old Miles Otto, né Hunt, makes ambient inflected dance music inspired by what seems now to be the new big three – Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and Orbital. He’s been playing energetic live sets for years already, but is currently turning his attention towards a more chilled, home listening vibe.

Why Miles Otto?

He started out young – and unusually. “I’m dyslexic, so I don’t really work that well with computers,” he says. “I was 13 when I started and I didn’t know about any production stuff. To me, the way to make music was to just buy an instrument.”

In his case, it was a digital keyboard, and by experimenting with its presets and recording his ideas onto his laptop via its built-in mic, Otto began his forays into electronic music. Those sensibilities of “playing along and jamming” prevail in his work today, informed by the production training and live experience he’s had over the past five years. His recently issued debut single, ‘Phos’, is a splendid way to begin his discography.

Tell Us More

Otto’s tracks have an organic feel to them, like one-off performances you might never hear again. These are some seriously accomplished cuts, looking forward with the odd nostalgic glance in the rear view mirror.

In paying homage to a rave scene that’s all but in the past, Miles Otto is laying the groundwork for what we can only hope will be a long and prolific career. The vibrant acid tones of ‘Phos’ are sure to leave you hungry for more of his new-old-school approach and his deeply immersive sound.

‘Phos’ is out on Ishiki Recordings

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