Death Hags

Mysterio gives lush dreampop and more


Bouncing between Los Angeles and a wooded spot north of New York City, the mysterious Lola G (aka Death Hags) has quietly been releasing psyched electronic music to a devoted clutch of Bandcamp followers over the past few years. Death Hags is a solo endeavour, but she finds that people sometimes mistake her for a band. “I do sometimes tour with the band,” she says. “I guess that’s confusing, so I’m starting to use my name more. I’m like, ‘It’s just me!’.”

Why Death Hags?

Born in the Swiss Alps, Lola played piano as a child, long before she decided that her love for music might be put to tape. “It’s not like I dreamed of being a musician when I was little,” she explains. “It just sort of happened. A friend gave me a copy of ABSYNTH [Native Instruments plugin]. I thought it was amazing and spent hours making ambient noise pieces.” Her recorded output straddles moments of shoegazey alt-rock (‘Spiral’) and straight-up synthpop (‘Looking For A Big Grey Sun’) that is somewhat reminiscent of Broadcast.

Lola is currently in the middle of releasing a mammoth seven-album series called ‘Big Grey Sun’, which she began after being attacked by a… terrier. “I had a fever and was hallucinating for three days,” she remembers. “But during those three days, I just wrote some instrumentals around ideas of space travel and different things.”

Tell Us More…

Still without a label, Lola makes her tracks available digitally, on CD/cassette, and periodically via extremely limited-edition handmade lathe-cut seven-inch records. “At the start of the pandemic, I was researching this guy who does vinyl postcards, but it looked a little iffy. I did three lathe-cut releases. They’re not flexi discs, but I guess you could say they’re lo-fi vinyl.”

‘Big Grey Sun #4’ is out via Bandcamp

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