Sim Hutchins

Off-kilter glitch-ambience meets weird-techno

Who He?

Audio/visual artist from, rather specifically, north west Essex, who deals in ambient judder flecked with twitchy off-piste techno. His compelling debut album, ‘I Enjoy To Sweep A Room’, comes on like a tinkly music box rewired by twisted musical gremlins. Expect outdated effects units, shoddy guitar pedals, AM radios and 80s digital reverb galore.

Why Sim Hutchins?

Having honed his production licks in and around the grime scene, on Essex pirate radio and at East Anglian free parties, Hutchins retreated to the blurry edges of ambient/drone/techno to cook up his debut outing ‘Ecology Tapes Volume One’ in early 2015. With a teaser track, ‘I Will Unify The Hood Through My Vision’, appearing on No Pain In Pop’s ‘Bedroom Club III’ compilation in August, his first long-form is due on the label in early November.

Tell Us More

Hutchins fell into experimenting with video, messing with circuit-bent FX boxes and screen grabs, to complement the style of his tunage. Think fuzzy, lo-fi and re-processed. No Pain In Pop commissioned him to make Ukkonen’s ‘Luomus’ video, his debut promo, and a short film by Sim, ‘We Believe In Technology’, is set to be screened at the prestigious London Short Film Festival in January. The video for his album’s lead track, ‘Tie Me To A Rocket (And Point Me At The Ground)’, deals with “psychic driving”, an experimental psychiatric procedure that saw patients drugged and exposed to looped audio message in a bid to alter their behaviour. You will love Sim Hutchins, you will love Sim Hutchins…

‘I Enjoy To Sweep A Room’ released by No Pain In Pop

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