Wild Terrier Orchestra

Sounds from the Greek underground

Who they?

Wild Terrier Orchestra is not the cacophonous sound of an errant pack of small dogs, but a new project from Athens musician Dimitris Papadatos. Best known as Jay Glass Dubs, he has made a name in the electronic underground with his spacious ambient dub and delay-doused synth work, and releases for labels like Bokeh Versions and Berceuse Heroique. For his latest venture, Papadatos has teamed up with Greek musician Foteini Korre and American artist Cruel Diagonals for something much more free-form and experimental. 

Why Wild Terrier Orchestra?

‘Even The Chimera’, Wild Terrier Orchestra’s debut album, conjures a shadowy world of acoustic instrumentation and live electronics, merging the two and drawing from jazz in the pursuit of a sound that ties together Western and Eastern musical traditions. Released via Milan’s experimental Haunter imprint, the album stretches out over two side-long tracks. The second piece, ‘Σώμα περικαλλές και έμψυχον και σφύζον’, is especially entrancing, mixing gaseous synths, Foteini Korre’s ney flute playing and spiralling guitar into an enveloping atmosphere.

Tell us more…

The album is inspired by Greek surrealist writer Andreas Embirikos’ poem ‘Oktana’, a work based on a utopian vision of the future, and also by Dimitris Papadatos’ sojourns in Cyprus – a place where different cultures have both intermingled and clashed. This is symbolic of the way the record blends and creates discord in its disparate musical elements – and it’s far more enjoyable to listen to than a load of clamorous canines. 

‘Even The Chimera’ is released by Haunter

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