The Caulfield Beats

Boat rocking beats from river-dwelling London duo

Who They?

Lawrence Northall and Molly Dixon, two London creative types who are drawn to living aboard canal boats and came up through the shady world of hacked music software and bedroom – well, cabin – electronics. Earlier this year, their debut EP ‘Mexican Smoke’ was a hot mess of reference points, ranging from sharp-as-blades minimal techno to laidback indie vocals, hip hop and soul samples and a huge dose of blistering dancefloor energy.

Why The Caulfield Beats?

One word: acid. Or, more precisely, aciiiieeeeed. Do you want to party like it’s 1988? Do you want to experience that crazy head rush that only comes from hearing an elastic 303 riff squelching off into crazy shapes like a menacing synth cyborg? Of course you do. It’s always time for an acid house renaissance and The Caulfield Beats’ new track, ‘Acid Pt I’, dives right into its twisted heart.

Tell Us More…

The duo describe their music as “garage electronics”, fusing a warehouse party aesthetic with a raw, homemade garage band approach usually associated with rock bands, while the Caulfield in their name comes from Holden Caulfield, star of JD Salinger’s ‘The Catcher In The Rye’. Try to imagine that this is what young Holden would have been listening to if the wayward, disenchanted kid was losing himself in London’s underground club scene instead of 1940s Manhattan.

‘Acid Pt 1’ is out on Straight Lines Are Fine

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