Big Lad

Consider sonic warfare waged

Who he?

Now, now, simmer down at the back. This Brighton-based two-piece are, on drums, Henri Grimes (formerly of post-rockers Shield Your Eyes) and on synths, laptop and assorted electronic noise terrors, Wayne Adams (ex Death Pedals).

Why Big Lad?

The sharper tacks among you will recognise those names, you’re thinking we’ve written about this pair before, aren’t you? Go on ask us. Say, weren’t Grimes and Adams a two-piece called Shit Wife? They were! And we loved Shit Wife didn’t we? We did! Not only because they had the best name ever, but their 2015 debut album, ‘Big Lad’ (yes, we know, we’ll get to the name change) was such an assault on the office stereo it still hasn’t recovered. It was one of those records that you put on that has EVERYONE within earshot going, “What the fuck is THIS?”. Pity our poor amp and speakers then because with a subtle name shift (yes, yes, we’re getting to it), Big Lad is Shit Wife with knobs on. Oh do stop sniggering at the back.

Tell us more…

The new album, ‘Pro Rock’ (which comes on delicious transparent yellow vinyl) is another cracker. This time though, we get a little light and shade. Here, you still get why-hit-one-drum-when-you-can-hit-LOADS, but the surprise is that Big Lad seems to have discovered the art of subtle. ‘Dave Aoki’ has it all, killer loops, a pure pop-fuelled breakdown and downtempo outro, while ‘Banana Split’ is flush with some huge, warm synth sweeps. These boys are ace. Oh, and the name change? “To confuse the crap out of everyone,” says Adams. “Which it did.”

‘Pro Rock’ is released by Box

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