‘Lighthouse #429‘ taken from forthcoming documentary soundtrack album

In a typically Eno-esque move, a new career-spanning documentary about him, simply titled ‘Eno‘ which premieres in London in on 20 April at the Barbican, is generative. It will, we’re promised, develop with each screening and be different every time it’s watched.

Compiled from hundreds of hours of video footage, music and interviews, the film explores Eno’s music, art and ideas, giving the viewer intimate personal insights into his creative processes.

There’s a companion soundtrack release which is available for pre-order on pink and white vinyl or recycled black vinyl, and each purchase gives exclusive access to pre-order tickets for the Barbican premiere.

The album features 14 tracks selected from across the extensive Eno discography, and includes three previously unreleased pieces, one of which, ‘Lighthouse #429‘ is released today (above).

Also out today is a trailer for both the album and the documentary (below).

You can pre-order the soundtrack album here brian-eno.net

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