Premiere: Liars Remix Karin Park

‘Scandinavian Nico’ gets moody re-rub

Earlier this year Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Karin Park released her seventh studio album ‘Private Collection’, a set of darkly atmospheric and deeply personal songs that capture the artist at her most heartfelt.

Now, album opener ‘Traces Of Me’ has been remixed by experimental Australian-American outfit Liars, who have taken the track from a dramatic reflection on lost love driven by pianos, choirs and Park’s unmistakeable vocal, to a full-blooded electronic symphony that throbs with passion and danger.

‘I’ve been such a fan of Liars since forever and this remix is everything I hoped it to be’ Park said of the reworked track. ‘They have such a signature sound and to have their genius mixed up with my sounds and voice is an ego trip that keeps me dancing all night long’.

Up next for Park – whose elegant, intense artistic persona has previously led to her being dubbed the ‘Scandinavian Nico’ – is an extensive UK and European tour later this year supporting fellow other-worldly songstress A.A. Williams.

Order ‘Private Collection’ here:

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