Blanck Mass: Crude Oil

Blanck Mass scores Amazon Prime Horror Show ‘The Rig’ 

With recent scores for ‘Calm With Horses’ (2021), ‘Ted K’ (2022) and ‘Gazza’ (2022), Benjamin Power, aka Blanck Mass, has established himself as an exciting and innovative composer for film, alongside his recent addition to the lineup of Editors.

His latest score, for the new Amazon Prime supernatural thriller series ‘The Rig’, draws on a range of influences, from horror movie soundtracks to industrial music, and creates a claustrophobic, unsettling soundscape that captures the dread and tension of life on an isolated oil rig swamped by psychosis-inducing fog.

‘The Rig’ follows a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig, due to return to the mainland when a mysterious fog enshrouds them and supernatural forces take hold. With its mix of horror, suspense and science fiction elements, and some moments of calm beauty, the majority of the score is eerie, dissonant and at times violent. 

“With ‘The Rig’ being the first TV show I have scored, I feel lucky to have worked with the team behind the show on a score which to my mind is my most concise and unified palette-wise in recent memory,” says Power.“ The setting of the physical oil rig presented a very specific visual and sonic identity for me. The creaks and groans of the giant metal sculpture and how it is in a constant battle with the nature fed itself into the scoring process. This score is perhaps my most elemental to date and it was a joy to work on.”

Stream/buy the ‘The Rig – Music from the Original Series’ here:  

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