Loraine James

Loraine James reveals the first and last records she bought and the one she turns to in an emergency


Enter Shikari
‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’
(Ambush Reality, 2012)

“One of the first albums I bought for myself, not one my family bought for me. I was 15 or 16. I walked to HMV, when that was still open. I think the first song I heard of theirs was ‘Juggernauts’ on MTV Rocks. I hated that period when bands were doing dubstep and hardcore stuff, like Korn did, but I really liked what Enter Shikari were doing with it.  I still think that album is really good.”


Space Afrika
‘Honest Labour’
(Dais, 2021)

“My favourite album of last year. I got the nice funky purple vinyl version. I remember listening  to it for the first time and I got really emotional,  I don’t know why, it was just all the sounds and stuff, listening to it as a whole was very touching. I just think what they’re doing is sick. I’ve played with them within the same line-up a few times.  I think they work quite quickly, so a lot of their stuff is unreleased.”


‘Serial Hodgepodge’
(Ghostly International, 2004)

“He’s been putting stuff out on Ghostly since like the early 2000s. Serial Hodgepodge came out back when I was like, zero. Ha! But since then I’ve listened to a lot of his stuff, it’s like dancey IDM.  I think the record still holds up today, with songs like ‘The Stop’. That’s my favourite. I love the artwork as well. It’s a bit more like playful IDM, the more easy listening side of it, more accessible.”

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