Martin Jenkins

Pye Corner Audio’s Martin Jenkins on the first and last albums he bought and one he turns to in an emergency


Adam and the Ants
‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’
(CBS, 1980)

“I remember buying this in Woolworths with my birthday money when it was released. Adam Ant was everywhere at that time, and me and my pals liked singing the chants in the playground. I didn’t realise how strange the record sounded. It’s not a standard pop record. There’s a great energy to it, a definite filmic quality, especially with the Morricone flourishes.”


Alessandro Cortini
‘Scuro Chiaro’
(Mute, 2021)

“I could have picked any of Alessandro’s recent albums. I love the way that it sounds like he’s sitting in front of an instrument as opposed to a huge modular system. He manages to wrangle simple sounding, but incredibly emotive music from his machines, and that’s what I find so satisfying about this album.”


Scott Walker
‘Scott 4’
(Philips, 1969)

“For me, this is the ultimate widescreen album. Each track tells a story with such style and poise. The playing is just incredible, the arrangements support Scott’s vocals beautifully, and you can’t deny the groove on ‘The Old Man’s Back Again’. It is such an atmospheric record. I lose myself every time I put it on, his voice completely transports me elsewhere.”

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