Louis Borlase

Squid’s Louis Borlase reveals the first and last albums he bought and the one he turns to in an emergency


Bright Eyes
‘Digitial Ash In A Digital Urn’
(Saddle Creak, 2005)

“It’s hard to know the first album I bought and didn’t stealthily nick from my sister who had more CDs.  She still has, and she was old enough to go to gigs when I was still in Year 7. I got this in HMV on College Green in Bristol, next door to the music shop I’d later work in. This is the first time I’d loved a record because of how angsty it felt. I love the messy, hard panned drums and glitchy sequencers throughout.”


Suzanne Ciani
‘A Sonic Womb: Live Buchla Performance At Lapsus’
(Lapsus, 2020)

“Suzanne Ciani is one of the great improvisers.  This album feels very live, both literally and figuratively. It punches into different corners of expression with moments that make you feel like you’re on the dancefloor, then suddenly on a mountain top. The sequences on her Buchla 200e synthesiser are made up of such distinct pulses and their mesmerising qualities are unique to her own soundworld.”


Bill Evans Trio
‘Moon Beams’
(Riverside, 1962)

“This was recorded just after the death of bassist Scott LaFaro in 1962 and you can hear Bill’s mourning on every single track. Strangely, I heard this album for the first time around the time my good friend Henry passed away when we had just left Bristol. I was devastated and ever since I come back to this album at times of transition. As I get older, the music sounds comfortingly frozen in time.”

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