Rupert Thomas

Erasers’ Rupert Thomas on the first and last records he bought, and his go-to album


Freak Show
Murmur, 1997

“I bought this on a family holiday to Bali, Indonesia when I was seven or eight years old. I have no idea why I happened to pick it up, and for a long time it was the only album in my collection. I wasn’t really into music at this point, but this cassette definitely got a thrashing on the tape deck in my bedroom. Although this isn’t music I still listen to, it was a pretty good first purchase!”


Anna Savage
Queens Rd / Saturn Again
Altered States Tapes, 2022 

“I first heard these songs when my colleague Anna played them through the speakers at our workplace and it struck me immediately. Achingly beautiful, delicate, freak-folk compositions recorded straight into a phone speaker. Anna and I work at a small coffee roastery and have the same ethos about DIY recording, music and art, often sharing recommendations. Lovely sleeve design on this seven-inch record, out through the Newcastle, Australia label Altered States Tapes.”


Lee Noble
Bathetic, 2013

“We bought this album a number of years ago and it definitely feels like the most listened-to record in our collection. A little different to Lee Noble’s modular-based ambient compositions of recent years, ‘Ruiner’ strikes the perfect balance between structured songs and free-form atmospheres. Touching on psychedelic folk, kosmische and drone, it’s incredibly immersive. This is one of those ‘must listen in full’ records that we’ve shared with housemates over breakfast, or late at night in the warmly lit living room.”

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