Lewis Fautzi

Portuguese musician and producer Lewis Fautzi on the first and last albums he bought, plus an all-time favourite


(Minus, 1998)

“This album still makes me feel the same way as the first day I heard it. It’s simple, beautiful and deep. Richie Hawtin is a pioneer in the field, and I think that electronic music owes him a lot. There are no recent releases under his Plastikman name, but his old works keep on being masterpieces and are seen as influential by many.”


Alva Noto
‘HYbr:ID I’
(Noton, 2021)

“I’m just a big fan of Alva Noto – he always sounds super-futuristic and uplifting. I always look for inspiration from a lot of different artists around the world, and Alva Noto is definitely one of them.”


Aphex Twin
‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’
(Apollo, 1992)

“I still play this one in my car. I have this feeling of being in a dream when I’m travelling and listening to it. Aphex Twin has a unique ability of keeping up-to-date, even if he has come a long way since the project began. Being capable of updating his style in line with the evolution of music, while being an upfront master in the scene, says much about his work.”

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