Mr C

Former Shamen frontman, solo artist and DJ, Mr C talks us through the first and last records he bought and the one he reaches for when the dancefloor needs a lift


Dan Hartman
‘Instant Replay’
(Blue Sky, 1978)

The first record I bought was the 12-inch version of ‘Instant Replay’ in 1978. It’s a great disco pop record full of energy that was being heavily played on radio. The track starts with a countdown from 10 and explodes into a very high energy disco record, which feature a great sax solo. The song is a love song about a guy not being able to get enough after a first date… 


‘No Future’
(Ghostly International, 2017)

This is an alternative acid house/techno album that features a couple of great songs and lots of amazing instrumental music. It’s very minimal in its attitude, but it’s also very psychedelic with all of the tracks really pushing the envelope with modern day house and techno music. It’s a must-have record. 


‘Acid Kiss’
(R&S, 1989)

This is the one record I always have with me. It’s one of my favourite acid house tracks from the late 80s, yet it always stands up when played today. The track starts with a heavy ‘French Kiss’ influence and quickly progresses into a full-on acid house workout with intense 303s, classic late-80s chord stabs, driving beats and an extremely naughty vocal. Always works at treat!

Mr C’s ‘Incidents’ is out on Superfreq

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