Stephen Buckley

Polypores’ Stephen Buckley on the first and last records he bought and the one he turns to in an emergency


Jeff Wayne
‘The War Of The Worlds’
(CBS, 1978)

“I must have been around seven or eight years old when my dad introduced me to this. I was obsessed with it. He taped it for me and I’d just play it over and over. I insisted we listen to it on every car journey. It’s gone on to inform a lot of what I do. I’ve always loved albums with a narrative, with atmosphere. And there’s some amazing sound design and synth work.”


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
(Aventures Ltd, 2017)

“Lowe is a true wizard, I love all his work. He uses modular synth and his own voice, which he loops and manipulates to create these otherwordly textures. The tones he gets from his instrument sound like nobody else. They are deep and organic, like they’ve grown from the soil. I saw him live last year, he’s a fantastic performer too.”


‘The Virgin Suicides’ (Original Motion Picture Score)
(Virgin, 2000) 

“An incredibly comforting album. It’s got all these gorgeous 1970s-sounding instruments. Those deep, dry snares and gently bubbling synths. I like the book, but love the film more because of this music. It’s got this dreamy, melancholy summer vibe to it. Everything is slow and drowsy. The melodies, the instrumentation, the production – everything is perfect and it makes me feel warm and swaddled.”

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