Richie Culver

Artist and musician Richie Culver on the first and last albums he bought, and an all-time favourite


Public Enemy
‘Fear Of A Black Planet’
(Def Jam Recordings, 1990)

“My mind was blown when this started making its way through the corridors of the high school I went to on the outskirts of Hull. Eventually, I heard the tape and got my stepdad to copy it for me. I had no clue what I was actually listening to, but I knew I wanted to try to understand it. What I did understand is that this was definitely technically better MCing than what I was hearing on the Pleasuredome rave tapes. I copied a few more tapes myself and sold them at school so that I could afford to buy a proper copy at Woolworths.”


Derek Baron
‘Crooked Dances’
(Penultimate Press, 2016)

“This was a record I picked up at Materia Prima in Porto. I listened to the first track in the store and put it straight into my ‘yes’ pile. This record is like a painting to me – I love those random, sporadic bursts of NYC normality. The spine of the work is really minimal, filled with effortless and seemingly abstract gestures. I’d love to push my own practice into this kind of direction one day.”


Billy Woods & Kenny Segal
‘Hiding Places’
(Backwoodz Studioz, 2019)

“Since Doom passed away, it kinda left a weird hole in my life. I had been aware of Billy Woods for a while, and his storytelling is on another stratosphere. It’s impossible to have him on as background music, because you just get dragged into this morbid and gloomy world he paints. The word genius gets thrown around a lot… but it’s a suitable description for Billy Woods on ‘Hiding Places’.”

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