Tolouse Low Trax

Detlef Weinrich, aka Tolouse Low Trax, on the first and last records he bought, and an all-time favourite


‘Heart Of Glass’
(Chrysalis, 1978)

“It’s not easy to remember the first record I bought, so I’m gonna pick the one that made the first fundamental impression to me. It was probably 1978, when I was visiting my much older cousin and he played me the ‘Heart Of Glass’ 12-inch. At that time it was called a maxi single – the sound and the piece itself completely blew me away. It was something like disco, and the thought of maxis being played in discotheques, which I didn’t have access to at the time, probably created this persistent need I have to hang out in clubs!”


Ghjuvan Petru Graziani & Rinatu Coti
‘Corsica Ribella’
(Aïtone Library, 2022)

“This is a weird record. Imagine a Corsican political activist making a record with Francis Lai and Daft Punk. Two long tracks on each side with a fantastic and deep build-up – a cinematic and emotional journey. I always had a great affinity for poetry, spoken word and field recordings in combination with electronic instruments… a huge freedom to connect different worlds.”


David Behrman
‘Leapday Night’
(Lovely Music Ltd, 1987)

“I bought this record through a friend from Cologne in the mid-1990s. ‘Leapday Night’ is probably one of the best albums that ambient music has to offer. There’s a certain accessibility that’s often lacking in ambient. A consolation on dark days, which art in general always tries to give. It is also computer music and there is this familiarity that probably creates the comforting element. This is genuine electronic music that penetrates the soul.”

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