Sir Was

Gothenburg recording artiste Sir Was reveals the first and last records he bought and one he always turns to in case of emergency

Glenn Miller And His Orchestra
‘The Glenn Miller Story – Volume 1 (The Original Recordings)’
(RCA Victor, 1979)

It’s the soundtrack to the Glenn Miller biopic. I got it at Christmas, I’m not sure how old I was, something like 10 I think. I had heard ‘In The Mood’ on the radio… ha ha, I sound like I’m 90 years old, but seriously, that’s how it was! I think it was an intro for some radio show or something like that, so I guess I asked for it as a Christmas gift and I got it! I had just started to play the saxophone around that time so it was just perfect.

David Bowie
(RCA Victor, 1977)

I don’t have stereo because I live in a very small apartment and the walls are so thin. I hate being disturbed by my neighbours so I don’t want to disturb them either. So I don’t buy many albums, but I listen a lot online on my headphones! I guess the last album I bought was ‘Low’ by David Bowie. I remember I was visiting a friend who was living in a quite remote cabin somewhere in the middle of Sweden. He stayed there for a year to, as they say, “find himself”. One night we sat and drank until late and suddenly a song came on and I was like ‘What is this?!’. It was ‘Warszawa’.

(EMI, 2000)

Easy! ‘Voodoo’ had a huge impact on me. I heard the first time when I was 17. I was blown away. I didn’t understand what it was. It just hit me in my belly. When I played it loud on my speakers it was a physical sensation. It still is! If I’m at a party and it’s really late and I can get a hold of the stereo its not unusual that I blast ‘Voodoo’ on it. It’s still amazing to me, I love it.

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