Location: London Est: 1995

Potted History: “A friend had a dance label and asked me to put together a compilation of more downbeat tracks,” explains Dubmission big chief Jasper Edwards. “We were both big dubheads and loved how artists like The Orb had successfully entwined elements of dub into electronica, so for our first release, ‘Mashing Up Creation’, we asked artists for tracks inspired by classic reggae basslines.” Carving out their own niche as dub electronica specialists ever since, the label has gone from strength to strength, marking 25 years on the dub frontline this year. “If you told me when we started out that we’d still be operating today, you’d have been laughed out the room,” beams Edwards.

Mission Statement: “There has never been a real plan,” admits Edwards. “The label was started for fun, and at times we’ve lurched from one release to the next, not knowing what was round the corner. All we ever wanted to do was release music we like, made by people we like. Sometimes the latter supersedes the former, sometimes it’s the other way round. As a result, we span the bass music spectrum, from downbeats to dub techno, ambient dub to drum and bass. Having heard horror stories over the years, our business mission statement remains to pay everyone properly and promptly.”

Key Artists & Releases: “Kiwi bassbin botherers Pitch Black dominate our discography,” says Edwards, “and through them we met the equally prolific International Observe, who is former Thompson Twin Tom Bailey, and remixers supreme Deep Fried Dub. To celebrate our anniversary this year, we planned to drop 25 releases and host 25 events. The latter obviously didn’t happen, but we’re on target for the first, with releases from theremin maestro Gaudi, space pirate Tor.Ma In Dub and the sublime Shankara NZ. Still to come is an album by Kalpataru Tree, whose work is reminiscent of early Ozrics, an EP by Earthling and the final single from Pitch Black’s ‘Third Light’ album.”

Future Plans: “After the crazy release schedule this year, we hoped 2021 would be a little more chilled, but we currently have five releases scheduled, including fresh dubs from Paddy Free, bass cuts from Drew Id, remixes from Misled Convoy and Pitch Black, plus more vinyl from the latter. Aside from that, we really need to create a new website as ours is awful!”

Any Other Business? “That Hunter S Thompson quote about the TV industry, that’s always mis-attributed to the music industry, is essentially correct – thieves and pimps do run free. When you find good people, be they artists, distributors, manufacturers or publications, stick with them.”

For more, visit dubmission.bandcamp.com

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