Spun Out Sounds

Location: London

Est: 2020

Potted History: Gavin Stoker is clearly a man who knows his onions when it comes to running a record label. With over 40 releases via his excellent Spun Out Of Control imprint, he isn’t a man resting on his laurels either. His new venture, Spun Out Sounds, isn’t so much a spin-off, but more of an add-on. “I’m often sent material that’s not a natural fit with the existing imprint,” he explains of the new offering. “Occasionally, they’re quite impressive as standalone listens, so rather than rejecting music that isn’t sufficiently synthy or soundtrack-like for our existing audience, I’ve starting a companion label to find a home for these ‘strays’.” Three months of lockdown has finally given him the time to turn that germ of an idea into reality. And lo, a new label is born.

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to turn new people on to new sounds from new artists that are worthy of their time and their pennies,” he says. “We’ll be offering digital downloads, of course, but beautifully designed, well produced physical goods are, to me, even more important.” Example? The debut release, more of which in a minute, comes in two flavours of vinyl. “There’s classic black for the audiophiles who want crisp sound above all else,” says Stoker, “plus an eye-catching clear red with back splatter for those who want something to admire as they’re transferring it from album sleeve to turntable.”

Key Artists & Releases: That debut outing is ‘Things That We Should Fear’ by Belgian space funk duo Nevergrand. “Although there are analogue synths all over the record – mainly Prophets and Moogs – I wouldn’t describe it as a synth record per se,” says Stoker. “It’s more pop than Spun Out Of Control’s output, partly because it features the beautiful Stevie Wonder-esque vocals of Steve Kashala on a lot of the tracks.” There’s also a neat link between the two labels in that the other half of the duo is composer Jan Borré who has released two soundtrack albums on Spun Out Of Control – the sci-fi inspired ‘Grayson’ and horror film score ‘Where The Skin Lies’. “People who I previewed the album to have said, ‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting that,’ with big grins on their faces, which is exactly the reaction you want,” says Stoker.

Future Plans: “I guess the world is our lobster,” says Stoker. “Putting time and money behind acts that no one has heard of, but that you believe in is always a of a leap of faith, but trying new things is what keeps life fresh and exciting. And if ever there was a time to try new things, post-lockdown, it feels very much like that time is now! I hope that some of the Spun Out Of Control audience will come along with us for the ride and that we’ll win over new ears also in the process.”

Any Other Business? “At the time of writing, I’ve just put Nevergrand’s album up for pre-order, so it’ll be interesting to see the reaction,” says Stoker. “A fellow dance-orientated duo from Belgium seem to have done alright. I’d be very happy if Nevergrand became the next Soulwax! The only barrier to that happening is not enough people hearing them, so now it’s my business to get the word, and the music, out there.”

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