Métron Records

Location: New Forest, UK Est: 2018

Potted History: “I’ve always loved music but never thought it was an industry I could, or should, work in,” begins label founder Jack Hardwicke. “But after a few years doing some freelance design work – another trade that I wasn’t really qualified for – I started a mixtape series/blog. I interviewed around 60 artists who also made mixes for the series, and as the project grew I was a little more adventurous in asking artists for new music. By chance, the opportunity arose to release an LP and I jumped on it. 

“It would not have been possible without a few key people, most notably Brandon Hocura at Séance Centre who encouraged, guided and also helped finance our first few projects. I really don’t think we would have come this far without his support, starting out. I’m also incredibly fortunate that my partner is a fantastic publicist – her contribution to growing the label has been invaluable.”

Mission Statement: “To release music that we would want to hear, and help the artists who work with us.”

Key Artists & Releases: “There are so many personal favourites, but two releases stand out for the impact they had on both the label and the artists involved,” says Hardwicke. “Meitei’s ‘Komachi’ album was our second-ever release and was such a success that it totally transformed both of our futures. It’s a wonderful record that I think will stand the test of time, and it has helped take Meitei from somebody struggling to find an audience for their art to becoming an acclaimed musician and making a good living from producing and touring. 

“That’s been such an amazing journey to have been a small part of. The other would be our reissue of Yumiko Morioka’s ‘Resonance’, a hidden gem from 1987 that deserved to be heard by more people. It’s been incredible to work with Yumiko and see her work find a new audience three decades after it was originally released – and in turn reinvigorate her desire to make her own music. She’s got new material coming out soon.”

Future Plans: “I’d love to keep doing this for as long as I am able, to continue supporting the artists on our roster and help them reach larger audiences. There’s no doubt this will be an uphill struggle. It sort of feels like a miracle that it ever happened, and we’ll need more slices of luck along the way if things are going to grow as I would love them to. The industry is changing rapidly, there are a lot of challenges and paradigm shifts ahead – but as long as artists need our help, we’ll try to be there.” 

Any Other Business? “Just to give it a go and believe anything is possible. You have to start to find out where you’ll end up. Listen to people you look up to, ask their advice, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and try things.” 

For more, visit metronrecords.bandcamp.com

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