Location: London Est: 2017

Potted History: “It was my stupid idea,” laughs Trevor Jackson of his new label. You will know Jackson as a prolific music maker in his own right and from his iconic Output Recordings imprint, no doubt. “I’ve run various labels in the past, and after those experiences I swore I’d never run a label again, but this project is a cathartic one.”

Its sole purpose, he tells us, is one of cleansing his life of unreleased music so he can move on to a brand new phase of creativity.

Mission Statement: “The big idea is to rid myself of every last piece of self-produced audio that’s been clogging up my head for the past two decades, hindering my musical progression for what feels like a lifetime,” he offers. “The mission is to bombard people with as much music as possible without boring them senseless.”

Is there an A&R policy? “The policy,” deadpans Jackson, “is to pay weekly huge advances to myself, massage my increasingly large ego with insincere praise, hit people with as many mindlessly banal posts as possible on social media, commission pointless remixes in the vain hope I can appeal to every perceivable genre fanbase, create the longest Spotify playlist in history and desperately try to keep myself relevant even though I’m far too old to know better.”

Key Artists and Releases: “I’m not signing anyone,” he says. “I’m the only person on the label, but appearing under various guises.”

Those guises include Pinklunch, Skull, Dark They Were and Golden Eyed all of which are out now, or at least will be very shortly. We’re sure they’ll be plenty more noms de plume by the time he’s quite finished.

“If there are any mini triumphs, it will be that I actually managed to finish all the music,” he adds.

Future Plans: “The plan is to close the label as soon as possible and launch a new label called Post-, which will be mail order only, with no online presence, email or telephone contact. People will need to send a stamp addressed envelope to an assigned address for release information and purchase releases via post or from specially designated locations. The only way to communicate will be via letter, word of mouth or face to face.”

Any Other Business? Does Trevor Jackson, we wonder, as a label head honcho of some standing, have any advice he might like to pass on, any pearls of wisdom, sage words? He does.

“Advice?” he says. “Don’t start a label unless you’re young, naive, ignorant, in denial or have more money than sense.”

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