Various Artists ‘Head In The Clouds’ (Fruits De Mer)

Given an infinite field to run wild in by the UK’s foremost psychedelic independent, two different CDs and double album sets allow over 200 minutes of early krautrock-style sonic liberation by a procession of idiosyncratic electronic innovators (many FDM stalwarts), including Craig Padilla, Mushroom Project associate Trace Imprint, Holland’s Son Of Ohm, Jah Buddha, Saturn’s Ambush and Maat Lander lathering Ash Ra Tempel’s ‘Ocean Of Tenderness’.

The latter is the only cover on this essentially ambient set of space-rock without drums that prefers to homage Ash Ra, Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh in feeling. Sula Bassana’s ‘Shushie’s Rise’ and Blue Lily Commission’s ‘Half Asleep At The Blue Gates Of Evening’ evoke the magisterial deep space mystery of ‘Zeit’, while the Lost Stoned Pandas brave a space detritus hail storm on ‘Track One (Metal Mickey Mix)’ and Helicon Wave’s ‘For Edgar’ sail a lovely guitar eulogy to Froese, one of this epic set’s core inspirations. 

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