Zoë Blade ‘Raster Interrupt’ (Transistor Sounds)

After 2019’s glorious ‘Switched-On Marx’, Zoë Blade returns with 13 electropop instrumentals bouncy enough for a trip to the moon. Maybe two. ‘Raster Interrupt’ finds the Stoke-on-Trent producer experimenting with a modular set-up, crafting humorously-titled tracks like ‘Moonwalkies’ and ‘Fenton’ (or should that be ‘FEN-TON!’?). There’s not much in the way of noodling here, though, mainly because Blade can’t help herself when it comes to strong melodies and short tracks. ‘F-Stop’ and ‘Shuffleduck’ are especially notable for their sense of urgency. The latter will be occupying my brain for the foreseeable future.

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