Scanner’s live performance transforms sound into art

Scanner’s session for Electronic Sound was created inside one of our editorial booths. Disembodied voices floated into the studio space as Robin Rimbaud manipulated his minimalist set up to conjure melodic beauty and driving beats snatched from the 1970s.

Scanner is known worldwide for his sound art, with site-specific installations in airports, music for dozens of contemporary dance performances, the sound design for the Philips Wake-Up Light and the sound for the Cisco telephone systems used in offices around the world in 2019 coexisting in his extensive CV.

His earliest work featured the use of mobile phone and police scanners (hence the name) which he’d use to grab conversations floating through the ether. Found sounds and other field recordings remain a feature of his work.

Turn on, tune in and drop out for 30 minutes of electronic hallucinations in the company of Mr Scanner.

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Full Live Session

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