Animated gym hell

Electronic Sound favourite Rodney Cromwell returns with another catchy slice of lo-fi electronica in the shape of ‘Exercise Class‘. Dripping with sweat and replete with 80s references to cassettes and the various unpleasantnesses of trying to get into shape, not to mention the crafty satirical Daft Punk moment, ‘Exercise Class‘ may well soundtrack your own attempts at fitness training.

On the inspiration behind the track Cromwell says, “I hate exercising, and I wanted to write something that celebrates that fact. Despite appearances, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 20 years pounding the streets of south London as well as hanging around in cut-price gyms. So, I found myself writing a song that observes the less glamorous, sometimes creepy side, of workout culture.”

​Get the Walkman out and slap it on your C-60 exercise tape. Or add it to your Spotify playlist and sit on the sofa eating crisps. The choice is yours. It’s a free country.

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