Psyche soul from SE15 wild frontier

Photo: Cloudy Truffles

Who They?

Ladies and gentlemen, from south London, in the scuzzed-up, wigged-out corner, meet Warmduscher, a scorching mish-mash of misfits orbiting Fat White Family world.

Why Warmduscher?

You gotta love a motely crew with Bootsy names. From Paranoid London, there’s singer Clams “Disco Face” Baker (aka Mutado Pintado) and Quinn “The Witherer aka Little Whiskers” Whalley, from Fat White Family itself, Saul “The Saulcano” Adamczewski, who brings with him Insecure Men bandmates, Lightnin’ Jack Everett and Ben “Mr Salt Fingers Lovecraft” Romans-Hopcraft (also of Childhood). With many looking for a new big prinz since the loss of Mark E Smith, that spirit is clearly here. Take the new two-tracker doing the rounds. ‘Big Wilma’ is a locked down wall of noise riff monster, while ‘Neon Tongues’ is delicious synthy thrummer. The two ends of The Fall in one, then.

Tell Us More…

Dunno, that gang mentality and right royal funking reminds us of early doors Lo-Fieldity Allstars somehow. A debut album, ‘Khaki Tears’, a 10-track 30-minute romp, appeared in 2015 on the Trashmouth Records followed by a split seven-inch on the always interesting Speedy Wonderground label (the boss of which, Dan Carey, is tangled up in this madness somehow). There were just 250 copies of that single, ‘The Sweet Smell Of Florida’, and it’ll cost you if you want one now. But crikey what a track. Fret not though, it is on the new album, ‘Whale City’. We’ve had an earful, it is very much worth the wait.

‘Big Wilma’ / ‘Neon Tongues’ is out on The Leaf Label

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