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Who They?

Sir-Vere, a Milton Keynes-based three-piece consisting of Craig Hammond (vocals and noise FX), Gary Morland (guitar, keyboards) and Stevie Vega (keyboards, DJ). They already have quite a reputation as a live act, laying waste to Glastonbury, Manumission in Ibiza and a host of other venues with their shit-kicking take on owning the stage.

Why Sir-Vere?

They’re the new signing to Wall of Sound, the label who brought you Royksopp, Propellerheads and The Wise Guys as well as albums by legends like Grace Jones and The Human League. Label boss Mark Jones reckons there’s a revolution happening in RDM – a combination of rock and electronic music – which Sir-Vere and fellow acts Killer Floor and Kids On Bridges are spearheading. Working in their own R2D2 studios in Milton Keynes, Sir-Vere are close to completing their new album ‘Psychoballistic’, pencilled in for a release sometime in 2018. 

Tell Us More…

More proof is available via the band’s debut WoS single ‘Holy Fool’. It’s a vivacious soundclash of Prodigy-style electronic punkiness, guitar riffing and vocals reminiscent of Soft Cell-era Marc Almond or Gary Numan. Given that they have professed a love for post-punk innovators Killing Joke, as well as the thriving rave culture of their native city, we probably shouldn’t be surprised to hear that ‘Holy Fool’ takes a suitably anarchic, anti-authoritarian stance, sticking two fingers up to church and state alike. Don’t hold your breath for it to be used on a cozy John Lewis seasonal advert any time soon.

‘Holy Fool’ is out on Wall Of Sound

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