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Who They?

Apostille is Glasgow native Michael Kasparis, who we’re reliably informed is making forays into the world of hardcore punk with his groups Anxiety and The Lowest Form. Wasting his time he is, because as Apostille he does a very neat line in rich, warm synthpop. Following a debut album, the lo-fi ‘Powerless’ in 2015, his soon-to-be-released sophomore long-player, ‘Choose Life’, sees him really up the ante.

Why Apostille?

Beginning life as a catharsis following a rough couple of years personally, ‘Choose Life’ (is there a more Glasgow title?) was so called ironically, and yet it’s a record shot through with good humour and warm pop songs. Among the eight tracks, there’s a delicious 80s vibe at work. The intense thrum of ‘The Mordant’ nods at ‘Black Celebration’ period Mode, ‘Thirteen Minutes’ is the best song Vince Clarke never wrote, while opener ‘Fly With The Dolphin’ has something of the David Byrnes about it. Oh and the hardcore d’n’b uproar of the closing title track is a treat. A treat.

Tell Us More…

Let’s talk videos. His people claim for this new record Kasparis has “dialled down the clown”. Have they seen the video for ‘Feel bad’? have they? It is utter laughing-out-loud brilliance. In short, Kasparis and pals, suitably attired in dance school leggings and tees, show off some very sleek dance moves. You can almost taste the mirth. The video is once seen never forgotten, the track itself will earworm you half to death. Let our office kettle always be warm for people like this. Michael Kasparis, we salute you.

‘Choose Life’ is released by Upset The Rhythm

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