Astrid Sonne

Gentle skew-wiff eletronica

Photographer Daniel Hjorth Astrid Sonne 2017

Who She?

Astrid Sonne is a new signing to Danish label Escho, whose eclectic roster seems like a fitting place for her fragmented yet subtly tuneful synth pieces.

Why Astrid Sonne?

Her debut ‘Human Lines’ is a strangely engaging, eclectic group of tracks with moments of ambient drone, field recording, vocal samples, percussive synth and post-techno influences. The dynamic between the organic and the digital world is central to understanding Sonne’s project, with the album art featuring cans and other forms of human debris tangled in seaweed and broken seashells.

Tell Us More…

Sonne’s challenging approach to structure arises from the training she had as a classical musician coupled with a healthy slice of inspiration taken from computer-based music. ‘Human Lines’ is a highly experimental album, with many of the textures seemingly generated with a degree of randomness through modular synthesisers. The stabbing synth-driven melodies that she creates can be difficult to pick out and follow on first listen, but with this in mind she also uses viola and choir samples to give her music a more organic quality. Well worth your time, if the more experimental side of things floats your boat.

‘Human Lines’ is released by Escho

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