Kin Klave

Death metal drummer turns tables with downtempo delights

Who He?

Mr Klave is a 28-year-old Hull-born, Bristol-dwelling drummer who, judging from his self-released debut EP ‘Volare’, has made the switch to serving up pure slices of mellow tech-house downtempo loveliness look like a shooting fish in a barrel.

Why Kin Klave?

Music aside, there’s lots to like about a man who, in a previous life, was not only the sticksman in a number of death metal bands, but was also a tech for none other than former Everly Brothers guitarist, Albert Lee. “So that’s death metal, downtempo and country music,” he laughs. “You could say that I’ve got quite a confusing musical background.”

Tell Us More…

There’s very little confused about the new EP. The six-track outing is warm as a duvet and sounds vaguely familiar. Hang on, Yorkshire? He’s not from Hull is he? “You’re right, Hull,” he says. Don’t know our old mucker Steve Cobby by chance? “With Fila Brazillia and his solo work, he’s created such an enormous body of impressive work that I had to message him to say hello,” says Kin. “We’ve met up a couple of times and we’re working on some music together.”

“He asked me to check out one of his tunes a while back,” says Cobby, “Instantly loved it. It sounded like the work of a craftsman so I was amazed to find out he was a fellow Hull dweller, in his mid-20 and astonishingly had previously played in metal bands. His talents belies his age.”

High praise, don’t ignore wise words now.

The ‘Volare’ EP is out at

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