Cheap Present

Multi-genre house grooves from down under

Who They?

Melbourne artists E.NV and former Zanzibar Chanel member Luis CL combine forces to form Cheap Present. The electronic duo are all about wonky dance sounds and have recently released a six-track mini LP on Australian producers Fantastic Man and Francis Inferno Orchestra’s Superconscious label.

Why Cheap Present?

Formed in 2013, their aforementioned mini LP ‘Anterior’ is their first vinyl release, and combines new wave, post-punk and early Chicago house for some upbeat, off-kilter house tunes that features all manner of wacky samples. It follows their ‘Wet Garden’ EP that was released earlier in the year, as well as a series of cassette releases that have found homes on Australian labels such as This Thing and Comfort35.

Tell Us More…

As well as being a power couple on and off the decks, both E.NV and Luis CL are solo artists in their own right, each with their own string of cassette and 12-inch releases. As Cheap Present their music is usually recorded live in a studio, drawing on a number of influences and with minimal overdubbing. Their sound comes from combining old keyboards and samples with high definition digital audio, resulting in the terrifically wobbly tracks found on ‘Anterior’. And if this latest record is anything to go by, we hope we won’t have to wait long for the inevitable full-length.

‘Anterior’ is out on Superconscious

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