Sarah Davachi

Canadian highbrow ambience

Photo: Dicky Bahto

Who she?

Sarah Davachi connects academic thought with deep aural excursions. Her electro-acoustic compositions are created through interwoven instrumentation from the likes of analogue synthesisers, electric organ, samplers, strings, voice and woodwind.

Why Sarah Davachi?

What we are dealing with here is the highest conceptual art. Her sixth album, ‘Gave In Rest’, 
flows as one wondrous, lulling soundscape infusing a fascination with medieval and Renaissance music into modern ambient waves. As such, Davachi sounds out of step with modern standards, and with the added use of tape manipulation and samples she creates an echo from another dimension. For example, opening track ‘Auster’ is played entirely on recorder then “slowed down and opened up so you can hear the innards of the sound”. “Sounds unlistenable!” I hear you cry. But ‘Gave In Rest’ is a smooth ambient record along the same immersive lines of Eno at his best.

Tell Us More…

Aside from music, Davachi is a published academic in organology, archival study, Phenomenology and hermeneutics. Her skills as a musician have been widely recognised with residences at places such as WORM in Rotterdam and she’s shared a stage with Don Buchla, Morton Subotnick, Grouper, Oren Ambarchi and Ellen Arkbro. This latest music comes from a period of flux in 2017, when she spent nine months in Europe, occasionally performing in churches and residing in an emotional state of solitude. ‘Gave In Rest’ is a reflection on this time created as she established herself in the bustle of Los Angeles, mixed as she adjusted to the new lifestyle.

Gave In Rest’ is released by Ba Da Bing!

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