Margate-based abstract electronicist blurring the orchestral with weird edges

Photo: Oonagh Bush

Who he?

It’s “limitations” that Margate’s Raven Bush (we’ll let that name sink in) uses as a starting point when making his often weird, experimental electronic tunes. Inspired by “a time when using hardware was the only way to make electronic music”, he opts for the minimal with a maximal kick.

Why Raven?

His debut EP ‘Harp’, released by PRAH Recordings (good company, what with labelmates like Haiku Salut and Oliver Coates) is littered with a diverse array of sounds, ranging from abstract glitches to the haunting otherwordly whines. ‘Harp’ was recorded using “limited equipment and limited time” and shows some real scope. The sci-fi bleepiness of ‘Feeler’ slowly morphs into a bassline perfect for the dancefloor, while ‘Why Can’t I Remember Your Name?’ is a sinister horror cut, nail-biting violins and chaotic murmurs that transforms into a drone. Something for everyone, then.

Tell us more…

Not content with just music-making on his own, he’s collaborated and produced with the likes of Kate Tempest, Mica Levi and Paul Weller. He’s also got an album ‘Open’ on the way, which is every bit as good as ‘Harp’. “Borrowing your ears for a few minutes really means the world to me,” he says. “I hope you can get something out of it”. Oh, that name. He has an Auntie Kate. Again, we’ll let that sink in.

‘Harp’ is out on PRAH

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