Double Discone

Funky otherworldly synthwave

Who they?

Double Discone are a young French duo from Clermont-Ferrand near Lyon, who have called Glasgow home since 2016. The pair initially moved to Scotland’s biggest city on the pretence of studying sound engineering. They soon realised that using their time to making music in their home studio was much more their style, spurred on by Glasgow’s flourishing underground electronic scene.

Why Double Discone?

Loaded up with analogue synths and drum machines, colourful characters Gaspard Casanova (yes, that is his real name) and Hadi Hammouda have already released a handful of explorative EPs, including last year’s excellent, 303-tinged ‘Space Marble’. They’ve also become a staple of Glasgow’s clubs thanks to their freewheeling live performances. They describe the allure of the city as a “dynamic diverse scene” that’s “open-minded” and love “the readiness of the people in Glasgow to get involved in projects and put on gigs”. There are no plans to return to their native France – “we’re here to stay,” they affirm.

Tell us more…

If the story sounds familiar, that’s because another now-iconic French duo, Daft Punk, got their big break when Glasgow’s Slam signed them to their Soma label and released their first three singles. Double Discone’s cosmic space disco is distinctly their own though. Their latest EP ‘Géant De Fer’ was recorded live with no editing, using a limited palette of drum machines, synths, reverb and delay. With nods to John Carpenter, Jean-Michel Jarre and Patrick Cowley, it’s their most adventurous and experimental effort to date.

‘Géant De Fer’ is on Invisible Inc

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