Dust Witch

Krautrock + Prog + Horror Italia

Who They?

Formed in 2011 in Northampton, Massachusetts, Dust Witch are “an unholy fusion of Europe’s diverse psychedelic legacy”. With a line-up that has constantly evolved and expanded since their inception, the band draw their influences from krautrock and zeuhl as well as 70s prog rock and film music.

Why Dust Witch?

Their seven-inch ‘Mirage’ is two sides of glorious psychedelic sci-fi soundscapes, evoking textures reminiscent of Goblin and Yes, with pockets of Tangerine Dream here and there. The title track soars high with guitar twangs and synth whines; a soundtrack to exploring a planet from a Jack Kirby illustration. ‘Hibernaculum’ is more urgent, electronics swirling around a repeated, alarm-like nucleus of sound: ready the escape pods. Back in 2016 they toured with Texas pals Troller and S U R V I V E, groups that are both spearheading the bubbling experimental synth scene in Austin.

Tell Us More…

Their most recent track ‘Sister Planet’ – echoing and desolate before bursting into rhythmic cymbal crashes and full-bodied saw synth – came from a place of “artistic crisis and reassessment”. They made an effort to write “from a more emotional/spiritual centre” evoking the likes of Gong and Magma. It was inspired by the addition of drummer Mike Benoit to the band, who, they claim, brought “an enthusiasm and positivity that hit us like an acid trip”. They’ve also got a full-length record in the works, which follows years of reworking and shelving material. When it’ll be released remains to be seen, but we hope we won’t be waiting too long.

‘Mirage’ is out on Death Waltz Originals

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