Jan Borré

Synth and string film compositions

Who He?

Belgian electronic musician Jan Borré joins the ever-growing legion of synthesists and film score composers on the continually impressive London-based Spun Out Of Control label. Borré deploys a mixture of layered synthesisers and string and cello motifs to conjure up haunting, sinister atmospheres.

Why Jan Borré?

His soundtrack to British/Belgian horror film ‘Where The Skin Lies’ (which received its premiere at Horror Channel’s FrightFest last year) mixes deep and dark synthlines (the groaning ‘Edwards Dies’ and sinister thrumming of ‘Landline’) with ominous string segments (‘You Figured This Out’ builds like any of John Carpenter’s best). Not quite a complete retro throwback, but Borré is confident enough in his diverse range of cues to allow them to make ‘Where The Skin Lies’ identifiably his own. You can nab it physically on two tasty coloured cassettes, with “ink tattoo blue” or “scalpel silver” available.

Tell Us More…

“The film story demanded a dark and brooding musical score enhancing the atmosphere of infectious light‐heartedness yet growing distrust,” explains Borré “I crafted the first versions of the themes based on this scenario, trying to capture the changing moods. Arranging them later I opted for a combination of strings, percussion and synthesisers, interwoven with a gloomy cello solo.” Seems like this combination has worked wonders, and with him being in good company at Spun Out Of Control, we’re excited to hear what further compositions Jan Borré has in that electronic-string imbued melting pot.

‘Where The Skin Lies’ it out on Spun Out Of Control

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